Security for Future Manufacturing

Join us for the next instalment of our Real OT LinkedIn Live series focusing on Eco-Excellence in Life Sciences where Hanley’s Laoise Costello speaks with Rockwell’s Aonghus Keegan and Barry Long about how Rockwell is delivering a sustainable future to 95% of the Fortune 500 Life Sciences Organisations.

Organisations today recognise they must be better stewards of natural resources. From regulators to consumers, sustainability is a growing expectation with increasing demands to do business in ways that are both responsible and productive.

As sustainability becomes a global imperative, the pressures on the Life Sciences industry have never been greater. Deliver lifesaving medicines and medical devices faster while also working toward Net Zero goals to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate environmental impacts. Increased regulatory and reporting compliance from the FDA and other governing bodies further add to the complexity.

Whether it’s improving product quality while efficiently using water, air, gas, electricity, and steam (WAGES) and reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, or minimizing waste, developing new recycling technologies, and advancing the circular economy, tackle your industry’s sustainability challenges and leverage digital transformation for positive global impact.

And of course – turn information into action with industry-leading software, hardware, and services!