FactoryTalk Network Manager Software

FactoryTalk Network Manager software helps give you increased network visibility, real-time troubleshooting and simplified configuration and deployment. Get insight into the performance of your network operations by getting a closer look into your devices connected on the plant floor.

Features and Benefits

Network Visibility:

  • Discovery of plant floor assets.
  • Overall Topology and Device Centric View
  • CIP and PROFINET protocols


  • Real-time capture of Alarms and Events
  • Historical retention for analysis
  • Audit Trail

Configuration and Deployment:

  • Plug-n-Play
  • Configuration Template

Why Network Management Software?

Plant floor staff need an easy-to-use, intuitive tool not targeted at IT experts

  • Networks are critical to automation assets
  • Control, I/O, drives, HMI, etc.
  • Plants will experience significant network growth over the next several years
  • Plant floor staff tasked with network operations and maintenance
  • Increase visibility of automation assets on the network
  • Network health and monitoring in context of the plant floor assets
  • Simplify the troubleshooting process, quickly identify network root causes issues
  • More easily deploy, commission and maintain networks