Navigating Pitfalls in Digital Transformation for LifeScience Manufacturing

Join us for the next episode of our “Real OT” series, where we dive into the critical topic of digital transformation in Life Science Manufacturing. In this session, Laoise Costello, Director of Customer Success CX – Digital Manufacturing at Hanley Automation, will lead a discussion alongside Sarah Dana, Head of Enterprise Software Sales at Rockwell Automation. Together, they will explore the challenges and pitfalls commonly encountered in digital transformation initiatives within the Life Science Manufacturing sector.


As organisations increasingly embrace technological advancements to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, navigating the complexities of digital transformation becomes paramount. Laoise and Sarah will draw from their extensive experience to shed light on potential roadblocks, strategies for successful implementation, and lessons learned from real-world scenarios. From data integration hurdles to the human element of change management, this session will provide invaluable insights and practical guidance for stakeholders involved in digital transformation projects.


Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the nuances inherent in Life Science Manufacturing’s digital evolution. Join us for an engaging and informative discussion that will equip you with actionable strategies to overcome hurdles and drive successful digital transformation initiatives.