Cooling Data Center Podcast

Explore the dynamic world of AI and cooling systems with host Robert Ussher from Hanley Automation. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, policymaker, or simply curious, this podcast is your gateway to understanding the pivotal role of cooling technologies in the AI revolution. Join us for insightful interviews, cutting-edge discussions, and actionable strategies that shed light on the future of AI in DC and beyond. From industry experts to innovative solutions, each episode delivers valuable insights to keep you informed and inspired. Subscribe now to stay ahead of the curve and be part of the conversation shaping the future of AI and cooling in DC.

Revolutionising Data Center Design

Curious about the evolution of data center design and construction? Or interested in how innovative cooling solutions are shaping the future of data centres?

Eddie Kilbane from Echelon, a legendary figure in the data centre industry, shares his extensive experience across construction, networks, and telecoms. As a founding member of the Open Compute Project and a holder of multiple patents, Eddie brings unparalleled insights into the design and efficiency of modern data centres.

In this episode, Eddie and Robert delve into his entrepreneurial journey, from his early days in London to pioneering data centre projects in Ireland. They discuss the impact of the digital explosion on fibre networks, the challenges of building data centres for major clients like AWS and Sony, and the evolution of cooling technologies. Eddie also shares personal anecdotes about his family’s move to Ireland and the balance between professional and personal life.

Navigating the Future of Data Center Cooling

Wondering how data center cooling solutions are evolving with rising demand? Or curious about the impact of developing solutions for data center hyperscalers?
Craig MacFadyen is the Director of Offer Strategy and Portfolio Management, Data Center Cooling Solutions at Munters. He has over 15 years of experience providing insights and guidance to the data center industry.

In this conversation, Craig and Robert discuss topics such as the impact of creating solutions for hyperscalers, the next generation of Nvidia chips, liquid cooling data center strategies, and much more.

Innovating Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Curious about the potential of data centers to enhance energy efficiency? Or interested in how Nexalus is innovating the future of direct-to-chip cooling?

Dr. Cahal Wilson is an expert in thermodynamics with years of experience in energy recovery and data center cooling solutions. He combines his background in a family business with cutting-edge insights to pioneer energy-efficient designs.

In this conversation, Cahal and Robert discuss the shift toward direct-to-chip liquid cooling, the challenges of counting carbon credits, and how Nexalus is shaping the future of data centers with their sealed cooling solutions. They also explore the impact of Nvidia’s next-generation chips, environmental considerations, and much more.






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